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Krita Brush Bundle - Daily Brush Set
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Daily Brush Set is a Krita Bundle which contains the brushes that I use daily.

These are brushes derived from Krita's default brushes (Basic-1, Basic-2 Opacity, Basic-5 Size, Ink-7 Brush Rough), modified slightly for my daily use.

Majority of my illust (from 2022 onwards) were made with these brushes.

I hope they can be useful for you to use with joy!

This brush set bundle is licenced under CC-BY-SA, and the drawn thumbnails are licenced under CC-BY-NC-SA.

※ Attribution applies to the distribution of the bundle (by linking to this page), but art made with brushes from this bundle is all yours. Feel free to use this bundle to draw anything to your heart's liking!

※ Also if you don't mind, I'd love to see art you make with this bundle!

You will get a BUNDLE (3MB) file
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Krita Brush Bundle - Daily Brush Set


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