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Wall Calendar - 2023 / Journey

There is a traveller whose hobby is collecting extraordinary imageries found in various places in the vast world. A small friend joined him in his endeavour.


My 2023 themed illustrated monthly calendar contains a continuous, sequential illustration of a young traveller wandering around the world with a small friend who just randomly joined him along the way. Join their adventure together as you go through the months!

This calendar is also a collection of illustrative prints, printed on smooth and high quality paper. Once the year finishes, you get yourself colourful, sequential illustration prints to collect and display anywhere you want.

They are printed on coated paper gloss 250g/m² with light rings and a loop to hang on a hook. It is the best to write on it with small permanent marker or something similar.

  • A4 sized wall calendar
  • 1 cover page
  • 12 inner pages featuring the illustration of their journeys
  • Calendar starts from Monday, highlighted weekend dates

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