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About Art Packs

What is it?

It is a collection of illustration, sketches, doodles and everything else I draw on each month.

Feel free to learn from these files and add it to your art pack collections. 🧡


Alternatively, you can get these files (except Layered Files) monthly by supporting me.

You will get daily art posts feed with hi-res images, timelapse videos, and more. at a cheaper rate!

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Art Packs

Art Pack - October 2022

Art Pack - September 2022

Art Pack - August 2022

Art Pack - July 2022

Art Pack - June 2022

Art Pack - May 2022

Art Pack - April 2022

Art Pack - March 2022

Art Pack - February 2022

Art Pack - January 2022

Art Pack - December 2021

Art Pack - November 2021

Art Pack - October 2021

Art Pack - September 2021

Art Pack - August 2021

Hello! Konayachi here.

I love dogs, clouds and drawing cute stuff ✿ 。*:☆(・ω・人・ω・)。:゜☆。