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About Merchandise

Can I request for different colour/art/etc.?

Mostly, yes! You can contact me for information on which merchandise can have custom art.

Colour changes can be requested for free depending on the availability, and custom drawings will have extra commission cost on top of the printing service itself. A print partner will print and ship the item on my behalf.

Made-to-Order vs normal items?

At the moment, I don't ship non [Made-to-Order] items due to limitation of my shipping capability so they're marked as out-of-stock for now.

Items with [Made-to-Order] tag can ship worldwide, since my print partner will do it on my behalf.

Alternatively, you can check my Redbubble or TeePublic.

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[Made-to-Order] All-Over Print Unisex Sweatshirt - Cats in Frames

Out Of Stock

Merchandise Set - Cotton and Mist (Wooden Charms & Stickers)

Out Of Stock

Mini Notepad - Kitty

Out Of Stock