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Merchandise Set - Cotton and Mist (Wooden Charms & Stickers)

A tiny merchandise set featuring my characters: Cotton and Mist. They are the mascot of my 2020 calendar.

It has:
  • Two mini wooden charms featuring my characters Cotton and Mist. (approx. 2.5cm/1inch, 3mm thick), attached on a red phone strap with a tiny brass bell (colours are randomized)
  • Two homemade stickers of Cotton and Mist (approx. 7cm/2.75inch)

These charms are small, light, dainty and very cute.
They make a perfect little addition to your phone, wallet and bags without making things too bulky.
You can choose which blessing you want to keep around you - 幸 fortune (Cotton / cream) or 福 bless (Mist / grey).
You can also get both charms together - 幸福 happiness, or have them as a paired matching charms for you and your friends, partners, siblings or anyone you love!

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